X files actors dating

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The agents also discover an agenda of the government to keep the existence of extraterrestrial life a secret.

They develop a close relationship which begins as a platonic friendship, but becomes a romance by the end of the series.

He is also adamant about the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life and its presence on Earth.

This set of beliefs earns him the nickname "Spooky Mulder" and an assignment to a little-known department that deals with unsolved cases, known as the X-Files.

The series later returned to Vancouver to film The X-Files: I Want to Believe as well as the tenth season of the series.

The X-Files was a hit for the Fox network and received largely positive reviews, although its long-term story arc was criticized near the conclusion.

Initially considered a cult series, it turned into a pop culture touchstone that tapped into public mistrust of governments and large institutions and embraced conspiracy theories and spirituality. The series also spawned a franchise which includes The Lone Gunmen spin-off, two theatrical films and accompanying merchandise.

Both the series itself and lead actors Duchovny and Anderson received multiple awards and nominations, and by the end it was the longest-running science fiction series in U. After the final theatrical film in 2008, fans continued to push for a third movie to conclude the series' plot lines, and in March 2015, Fox eventually announced that the series would return, with Chris Carter as executive producer and writer, and Duchovny, Anderson, Pileggi, Davis, and Gish all reprising their roles.

The first seven seasons featured Duchovny and Anderson equally.

As the show progressed, key episodes, called parts of the "Mytharc", were recognized as the "mythology" of the series canon; these episodes carried the extraterrestrial/conspiracy storyline that evolved throughout the series.

"monster of the week"—often abbreviated as "MOTW" or "Mo W"—came to denote the remainder of The X-Files episodes.

These episodes, comprising the majority of the series, dealt with paranormal phenomena, including: cryptids, mutants, science fiction technology, horror monsters, and religious phenomena.

Some of the Monster-of-the-Week episodes even featured satiric elements and comedic story lines.

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