Spot a narcissist online dating

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Does he tell you constantly that you "make him feel" good? Next thing, he may tell you that you "make" him feel bad, or that you make him feel violent, or that you "provoke" him. Does he beat or slap you or otherwise mistreats you physically?

Does he then switch to being saccharine and "loving", apologizes profusely and buys you gifts? It comprises an unequivocal series of subtle but discernible warning signs.

Dr Orner also suggests that, while a narcissistic may be able to produce emotion in others through their brilliant work, they could find it difficult to express feeling for other people.

Does he disapprove if you are away for too long (for instance when you go to the powder room)?

Does he interrogate you when you return ("have you seen anyone interesting") or make lewd "jokes" and remarks?

Perhaps the first telltale sign is the abuser's alloplastic defenses his tendency to blame every mistake of his, every failure, or mishap on others, or on the world at large. Is he hypersensitive, picks up fights, feels constantly slighted, injured, and insulted? Does he treat animals and children impatiently or cruelly and does he express negative and aggressive emotions towards the weak, the poor, the needy, the sentimental, and the disabled?

Does he confess to having a history of battering or violent offenses or behavior?

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