Play the dating game and win

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While there’s always a winner in chess, in a relationship if all you do is protect the queen (i.e.yourself), you’ll surely find yourself without a king – maybe sooner than you think. Unless you’re a manipulative sociopath (fingers crossed you’re not), playing games is not your natural reaction or instinct about everything related to the opposite sex.2 Timothy 1 Corinthians 1 Thessalonians 4:3–5 2 Corinthians –15 If you dated at a young age (fourteen to eighteen), would you tell your future daughter to do the same thing? I’m barely old enough to remember their successes in the 1980’s.The Bible doesn’t specifically state, “Thou shalt not date until you’re out of high school.” However, it does give advice on how we should act around others.These can be applied to any relationship you’re in now or in the future.If you knew that you were going to have a massive fight but the world’s best makeup sex two weeks from tomorrow, life would be pretty boring, right?As much as it’s uncomfortable to live in the moment and be vulnerable and put yourself out there, you can’t be in a real relationship if you don’t.

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It can be difficult and frustrating to try to keep up with who’s playing what game at what time and your partner could at some point throw in the towel on your relationship or what would’ve been your relationship. As much as you want to try to play games with a guy to try to minimize any potential risk your heart is taking, you can’t., games are the last thing you need if you want to find a boyfriend or if you want to keep the one you already have.There are tons of “rules” that different “experts” have outlined in order for you to obtain or keep a man, and they usually involve playing some kind of manipulation.The average age for a woman to get married today is around twenty-five. Friends will probably call you weird when they see you not dating. It’s better to be called weird than to look back on years of your life and wish that you had done things differently and saved yourself for your future husband.That means if you start dating at fifteen, you likely won’t get married for a decade. Even if there’s no sex involved, your heart is involved, and I guarantee it will get beat up because you’re emotionally invested in that guy you’re with.

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