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No one can possibly imagine the work that he and others did in order to get everything back in shape.It seems as though Pat became known to everyone as “Man on the Ground” because of the many reports he sent to northern Wyndemere members.The student never said any words of gratitude to Mr. Wise probably went to his grave thinking the student was ungrateful.” The person who told this story to me did not intend this to be a commentary about a nameless, directionless teenager who had no advice, but rather about Mr.Herb Wise…the big guy on the podium in the front of Study Hall…one who we all took for granted but the one who was silently an angel with a heart bigger than he was.As you will remember, on September 10th Pat & Patty Payne remained in Naples to ride out Hurricane Irma which made a direct hit on Naples, FL.Pat was the only Board member to be in Naples during the event.

I believe even better days are ahead for our terrific club and I look forward to sharing them with each of you. Pat Payne “Man on the Ground” In the midst of the storm’s recovery, Pat had a birthday.

Pat was presented with this memento to signify his participation in the aftermath of the storm.

This is an excerpt from Pat’s letter to the staff members who stayed with him: This memento with the accompanying appreciation message presented at the Town Hall was really beyond special.

We are “Industry,” as they say here, which means all of the other wineries give us a 25% or 30% discount when we buy their wines.

That’s what Jessica Johnson felt like going into tribal council with what she thought was a solid alliance of seven just before her torch was snuffed on Survivor season 35, “Heroes vs. Hustlers.” The nurse practitioner, 29, had faith that her fellow healers would stick together, and they did.

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