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Ideals’ raison d’être is to introduce you to someone to start a whole new life adventure with.

With high quality personal service Ideal Introductions match you to potential partners who best suit the profile of you provide.

Then out of the blue there was a message I had sent saying I wanted to chat with him. I felt onliged to talk to him, then he just stopped any contact.

I contacted the site, they said all contacts are consumer generated. My review is about Matchfinder After paying for one month after the first day kept getting messages saying I couldn't send any messages for 24 hrs.

The responses that I did receive were very disappointing, supposedly from honest, sincere, gentlemen looking for their soul mate.

Warning......................beware of the words "passionate, affectionate, or loving", if you get my drift!! I joined last night and can't even get into the site today.

Joined because of my age, and wanting a partner about the same age. Regularly got "interest" from women who were seriously over-weight, far too old or lived many miles away. :) Olderdatingonline initiate mass introductions and initiate false "want to meet you messages".

My biggest gripe was that the company - Venntro Media Group - is run from London, (no Australian contacts at all), and they read and censor everything you write. These messages come from either "inactive members" or from fictitious people probably conjured up by the website. I have sent two messages to potential dates and never received a response.

I have now a closed profile which I have paid for and do not wish to use. They also have many other name sites on the web but are all part of the Venntro Media group.

I was not allowed to say that I wanted only to meet women who lived in Northern Brisbane. It is false, a scam scum website and not recommended.

Finally they will not let you know who is a "paid up" member, (that you can make contact with), and who is not "paid up" - so joining is a 'contact' gamble. Very angry to discover they were billing me monthly after I only signed up for a one month contract!

I finished my contract and returned to the Philippines where we both met face to face for the first time and there were sparks!

We are now excited to welcome our 1st baby next month!

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